The 2014 build season has begun!  We will be working to build and program a robot by February 18.  We are already 10 days into the build season, and we have already completed a frame and prototyped almost the entire robot.  This year's challenge is Aerial Assist.  Below is the video explaining this challenge.
We look forward to updating you about our progress in the future.

In addition to the new build season, we plan on totally recreating this website.  We have never been very satisfied with the product Weebly creates, and plan on dropping it in favor of making a website from the ground up.  We have a dedicated section of the team working on creating this new site, and look forward to having a significantly better site in the next few weeks.
Hey everyone, this is our new and hopefully improved website. Look around, and if you have any criticisms, please respond to tell us. Also, keep checking in here for schedule updates and important messages.


    The 2014 build season has begun! For the next few weeks we will be working hard to build and program this years robot.